Jul 202020

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Anyone local to Long Island New York, who’s looking to purchase a new or previously own vehicle should absolutely stop in to Smithtown Ford/Lincoln.

Aug 042018

The rule of thirds, while it works for some photos, not every photo needs to follow

Apr 142017

Photograph vs Snapshot

A camera is a tool,

it takes technical skill and creative inspirations,

along with creative composition,

to create a photograph,

otherwise it’s just a snapshot

© Artistic Ave Productions

By Artistic Ave Productions – Own work, – CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Aug 252016

Watermarks, ?

  • I was having a nice conversation with someone and they asked why do some people watermark their photos. My answer was, why do some of the greatest and most famous paintings have the artist’s signature on them. Here’s just a quick ex. of one of P. Gauguin’s paintings, not only did he sign it, he gave it a name.
Jan 012000
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