Jul 162017

Benatar Concert

  • At the “Theatre Three” in Port Jeff, NY
Jul 042017

Here’s a little Gopher fellow that stopped by to say hello

Jun 212017

A little color curve adjustments before & after

Jun 162017

Came across the Predator Fishing Boat in GreenPort while meandering around

Jun 072017

A few from Prosser Pines

May 282017

Wall Art

  • Came across this these on the side of a building while visiting an art show in Patchogue, NY


May 022017

GreenPort Fire, Hot Sauce Store

  • 125 Main St.
  • GreenPort, NY 11944
  • 1-631-333-2233
May 022017

GreenPort Maritime Museum

May 022017

GreenPort Station

  • © AAP-SG
May 022017
  • A few photos from meandering around GreenPort, NY